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Great taste will be purchasing more soon

Simple and delicious

Wouldn’t buy any other Thai curry pastes. They’re the best!!


All I can say is my guests think I’m an exceptional cook!!
I did try to lie & take the credit but eventually told them about My Thai Curry. Too good to keep a secret!
Super quick service & delivery too.
Can not recommend highly enough!!


Amazing curry paste best I have ever bought will be purchasing more soon. Many thanks

I’ve had all of the products before and I keep going back as they are amazing . Lobe them all


So easy to use and all delicious. I made a beef, fish and vegetable curry using the Massaman, Red and Yellow pastes. They were all excellent. Everybody loved them and came back for seconds ! Will definitely be ordering again.

Thailand in a bag

Super efficient service when ordered and beautiful flavours. So easy to make. Massaman curry is my firm favourite, nutty and flavoursome, with a gentle heat. Highly recommended!

Thai curry paste

These are the best Thai curry pastes I’ve ever tried. The recipes on their are also excellent!!

Excellent product as usual. Far superior to anything you can buy elsewhere. Cannot recommend highly enough.


Ordered several and this was my fave. Thanks for the advice re coconut milk, it made a huge difference. Will be placing monthly orders from now on...supermarkets are not a patch on my Thai! I made tempura King Prawn red curry, yum!


Amazing quality as usual. Love these pastes and recipes

Delicious Thai

I have enjoyed all my Thai curry dinners and always look forward to the next one. The Red Curry paste is one of my favourites and is delicious with either chicken or beef and I will definitely be ordering again soon. Great taste and great flavour. By the way, the website has great articles and has good info on so many different subjects. Well done.

Delicious Thai Red Curry

Will order again very soon. Such authentic flavours from My Thai Curry

Thai yellow curry

Very enjoyable, as have been all three curries that I ordered. The instructions are very easy to follow. I've recommended them to others, and know that my sister-in-law has ordered some too. I'm about to please another order. Many thanks!

Wonderful sauce

This is so delicious, we have tried it with beef and lamb and they were so tasty and creamy without being very hot. Totally recommended.


The Thai green curry ( hot ) paste is the best thing I have ever ever tasted, I'm totally addicted and so are the people I have introduced this too! If your taste buds can handle it enjoy! Thank you Nitsa for introducing this to me! x

Delicious and hot!

An explosion of flavours and nice and hot, just as I like it!

Amazing flavor

This is by far the best yellow curry I have ever made. The instructions make it so easy, and you can tailor it easily to your tastes. This is my second order, but certainly not my last!

Fabulous curry paste!

I made a thai green chicken curry for a dinner party - this paste was amazing and everybody loved it! I cooked for 6 people and used two of these packets and the cream of 3 coconut milk tins (and about 1 can worth of the water). added green beans and baby sweetcorn and thin sliced red pepper. Had enough for two portions left over so it could make for 8. The paste was what made it though - gorgeous and just enough heat for everyone. Will definitely order again!

Am a regular customer.
These curry pastes are the real deal! Unlike store bought pastes which have overpowering single taste, these have layers of flavour which give subtlety and dimension.
Ordering is easy.
Cooking instructions are clear, concise and easy.
I am a big fan!

Made the lambshank massaman curry and it came out amazing. Super soft lamb with that sauce is just to die for.

Easy way to produce wonderful home cooked curry in no time at all. Easy & reliable ordering, can’t fault it. Thank you.

Bangkok Style Green Curry

The flavours in this paste are delicious, I won’t buy any other now!
We all love it, not hot, just tasty!
Have tried the Southern Thai Green paste, and although I loved the heat in that one, not sure whether friends would - could I mix one of each paste to make a lovely mix of heat???

Glad you enjoyed this Pam:-) As far as combining the two pastes I would be cautious, you will end up with a curry spicier than the Bangkok and milder than the Southern as a whole, but you will still have seeds from the bird chillies used in the Southern waiting to attack the unwary! Better to have some chopped hot green chillies on the table to add to the Bangkok for those who like it hot:-) NItsa

Excellent service. The curry paste tastes so nice. Will definitely buy more.

thai green curry paste

another amazing paste... cant fault any of the pastes ive tried from mythaicurry... keep coming back for more when i run out