Serving Presentation Panang Salmon. Thai curry

Panang Salmon

November 21, 2015

This is an incredibly quick and easy dish to make, it can be made with other fish too apart from salmon, red snapper would be good. The Panang paste is medium heat though you could use less if you prefer a really mild dish. This is what you need. 1 packet of paste and one can of coconut milk is sufficient for up to 4 salmon fillets. The red pepper and kaffir lime leaves are optional for garnish, go where your imagination or fridge salad drawer takes you! I'm also using some Thai sweet basil l...

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Thai Crying Tiger Chicken Wings Serving Presentation

Thai Crying Tiger Chicken Wings

November 08, 2015

Chicken wings are a favourite of mine but marinated and oven baked or grilled instead of deep-fried they are far less calorific and make a great appetiser. I like to cook mine using a Crying Tiger marinade, although this is quite a hot sauce when used as a dip it's less spicy as a marinade yet still delivers a sufficient level of heat for me. I keep thinking they would also go well with the Southern Thai paste but haven't managed to get around to doing it yet. (Update. I have and they were gr...

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Thai marinated meat

Khukhan marinade

July 20, 2015

Life doesn't get much easier than this!If you ask most people to use just one word to describe Thai food I don't doubt the most popular word would be "spicy". And yet, there are many dishes in which chillies play no part at all. This is one of them. A version of a marinade that is quite unique to the region in which I grew up, in fact growing up there when I did there were more Khmer (Cambodian) speakers than Thai. I think there are many Cambodian influences going on here and an overwhelming ...

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Coconut with text. how to choose best coconut milk for curry. Full article

Cooking Thai Curry with Coconut Milk

May 01, 2015

The most common problem that seems to crop in making Thai curries is this : "My Thai curry is too watery...". Well a few minutes reading this and I can promise you that will never happen to you! Coconut milk plays a big part in South-East Asian cooking but much less so in the UK and many other countries. A resulting pr..

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Coconut with text summary. how to choose best coconut milk for curry

Coconut Milk Summary

September 06, 2013

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Ingredients needed to make an authentic Thai Green Curry Paste

What makes us different

May 03, 2013

Hand cooked in a kitchen, not produced in a factory.Only the ingredients that belong in authentic Thai curry pastes. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Unlike factory made pastes, My Thai Curry pastes are made using a slow cooking technique that retains and concentrates the full range of flavours and aromas of an authentic Thai curry paste. Packaged and sealed to give up to 12 months shelf life.Same day first class dispatch by Royal Mail in letterbox friendly packaging when ord...

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