Thai Duck Red Curry with Pineapple

December 21, 2016 3 Comments

Thai Duck Red Curry with Pineapple

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Red curry paste is the most versatile of all the Thai pastes, you can use it to make Thai fishcakes, in stir fries or marinades, in almost any dish where you want to add that Thai taste. For me though this is where it comes into its own, with duck or any game bird it makes for a magical dish. We had goose this Christmas and the leftover meat ended up in a red curry that disappeared all too soon !
I’m not normally a fan of pineapple in savoury dishes, (put it on my pizza at your own risk) but it really does work with this dish, a classic combination.
You can also make this dish quickly and easily with a pre-roasted duck from the supermarket or your local Chinatown. I’m using duck legs in this recipe which also makes it quite an economical dish as they are usually much cheaper than duck breast. The pastes are complete but it is always a good idea to have a little lime juice to hand to adjust sweetness, if needed, to your personal taste at the end of cooking. You also adjust saltiness by adding a little more fish sauce or salt if required.
This is what you need to make this dish.
Thai Duck Red Curry with Pineapple ingredients
The Kaffir lime leaves are optional as they are already in the paste but they make for a nice decoration on most Thai curry dishes. You can buy them frozen in Thai or Vietnamese shops, sometimes in other Asian or Chinese stores also, they last a long time in the freezer so are worth looking out for.The mild green chillies are for garnish. Tomatoes are not often used in Thai cooking but this is one dish where they do make an appearance and they provide a good flavour contrast.
Make sure you’re using the “right” type of coconut milk as it will make or break this or any other coconut based curry. Quick guide here, Coconut Milk Summary or if you would like to see the difference between different brands of coconut milk the full article is here, Cooking Thai Curry with Coconut Milk. Just use half a can to start with, if it has separated in the can to a thick part at the top of the can then use the top part. You can add the remaining coconut liquid later depending on how thick you want your curry to be. The "traditional" method of heating the milk until it separates from it's oil and using that to cook the paste is not something I recommend as many people find it hard to achieve consistent results with canned coconut milk.

Bone out the duck leg leaving the skin on the duck and place skin side down in the pan. Don’t add any oil; you’ll cook this in the duck fat that will come out from the skin. Cook until skin starts to brown, about 5 minutes for duck legs, a bit less for duck breast.
Thai Duck Red Curry with Pineapple saute duck leg
After skin has browned turn and cook for a further 3 minutes. You don’t want to cook it all the way through, which will be done in the curry.
Thai Duck Red Curry with Pineapple saute both sides

Remove the duck from the pan and place on a plate. LEAVE THE DUCK FAT IN THE PAN!
Now we are going to cook the pineapple segments in the duck fat, this is why the duck & pineapple combination tastes so delicious! In an earlier recipe for this I used to cut the pineapple into fancy sections but that can be time consuming and tricky for those who don't carve pineapples on a daily basis. Now I just advise people to cut it whichever way they feel comfortable with. Will this work with canned pineapple ? You're asking the wrong person! I'm Thai and the whole concept of canned pineapple is alien to me:-)

Cook the pineapple pieces for a few minutes in the duck fat turning once, let them carmelise a little as in the picture below.
Thai Duck Red Curry with Pineapple cook pineapple
Remove the pineapple to a plate and cook the tomatoes in the pan juices until they split their skins.
Thai Duck Red Curry with Pineapple fry tomatoes
Take the semi-cooked duck and slice into pieces. Now we are ready to go!
Thai Duck Red Curry with Pineapple reserve duck pineapple tomatoes
Add curry paste to pan, using one pouch for around 500 grams of meat. Cook for a few minutes then add half a can of coconut milk at first.
Thai Duck Red Curry with Pineapple curry sauce
Now add just the duck to the pan along with any juices. Stir through ensuring there is enough liquid in the pan to cover the duck.
Thai Duck Red Curry with Pineapple add to sauce
Cover pan and simmer for no more than 10 minutes MAXIMUM to keep it tender. If you are using a pre-roasted duck then 5 minutes is sufficient.
Thai Duck Red Curry with Pineapple cover and simmer
Remove lid and add tomatoes and pineapple and the remainder of the coconut milk but save a few pieces of pineapple to add when serving. Bring to a simmer and stir though for 1 minute.
Thai Duck Red Curry with Pineapple add tomatoes
Add the sliced chillies and lime leaf if using and stir through. Serve adding the reserved pineapple segments and thin strips of lime leaf if available.

Thai Duck Red Curry with Pineapple seving suggestion
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June 30, 2018

Stunning, stunning recipe 👌🏻👌🏻 Tasted just like it does in a restaurant. Absolutely delicious x


February 05, 2018

Perfect, if you like a flavoursome curry with a little bit of heat, then this is the one. I used chicken and it goes down a treat with rice or pasta. Any jar of so called thai curry just doesn’t come close.


February 01, 2018

What a delicious recipe! I’m not normally a fan of fruit in my dinner and red curries I’ve had up until now have failed to impress, but this is so good, I could eat it almost daily if I could afford duck that often.

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Mythaicurries are the best

I absolutely love these curry pastes. So authentic and taste great. By far better than the ones from supermarkets.

So flavoursome!

This paste has a delicious flavour. You can taste all the different spices in it, without them being too strong or overpowering each other, or the flavour of the meat. I am not usually a great fan of sweetness in a sauce but the sweetness in this is very subtle. Delicious!

Great curry pastes

I love all the mild curry pastes. I appreciate the depth of flavor delivered with the mild pastes. (I can’t take the heat.) With the pastes I can cook up a tasty meal in about 30 minutes. The recipes are straightforward and easy to follow. I really like the videos and pictures of the process. I am only cooking for two, so I divide the packs in half and freeze the unused portion. It thaws quickly when I’m ready to do another meal with no change in flavor or quality.

Another excellent paste

Less heat than some of the other pastes, but still excellent flavour... goes very well with salmon... definitely one to bear in mind when BBQ season comes around again... MTC delivery/customer relations still as exemplary as ever...

Plenty spice

Definitely the fieriest paste we've tried so far, loved it.