Miang Kham Sauce

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This sauce is used to prepare what is possibly Thailand's best kept food secret! Simple to prepare but  you need to watch the video  to see how it's eaten! A unique appetiser for a Thai meal with a taste combination that is unlike anything you have ever tasted, impossible to describe and just has to be experienced.

Water. Coconut Sugar. Ginger. Galangal. Red Onion. Garlic. Roasted Coconut. Peanuts. Shrimp Paste.(Crustaceans). Thai Fish Sauce.(Fish) Salt. 
No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Gluten free.
Shelf life 12 months from packing date.
See Recipe Miang Kham
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Customer Reviews

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Miang Kham Sauce

Having experienced authentic Thai foods from close friends, it's hard for me to allow substitutions for certain items of a dish that give it its special flavor. For me, I cannot find an acceptable equivalent to the Miang Kham sauce, until now. I am so thankful for mythaicurry.com. My family loves the sauce! It will definitely be a constant purchase for me!

Miang Kham

I watched your video how to prepare everything, struggled getting the wrap, but overall enjoyed it. had lots of flavour which I have never tasted before, I am going to have friends over to try it out as well, with the Yellow curry with chicken, so will let you know. nice trying things new.

A Great Find!

Delighted to have discovered MyThaiCurry! Southern Thai Green Curry had fantastic flavour but a bit hot for my taste. The alternative Bangkok is just right, as is the Massaman. I have just received my second order with a more adventurous selection of curry pastes and am looking forward to trying them all out. Have been recommending this site to family and friends.

One small step on the road back

I've been trying to find this sauce for 6 years since leaving Seattle USA, for a small village in Wales.
Now if I can find Thai Basil it might be like being back in civilisation.


I own a chilli sauce business where I manufacture from our unique recipes, however I can honestly say that mythaicurry.com produce the best pastes I have ever eaten!

I cannot pick an individual paste as my favourite because each of them is a taste of the best Thailand has to offer!

No restaurant in the UK can compete!

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